New !  Presentation of some Aspects of analysis and simulation of a wing ditching scenario  (Aug 2021, Aviation Forum of the AIAA ( Full paper). This paper explores the simplification of the computations of the impact of the flaperon and proposes a wing breaking scenario in the case of a ditching.

Thousand of Inmarsat compatible straight line trajectories crossing ARC2 from latitude 5.8°N down to 3.35°S   (18 Apr. 2021)

A straight line trajectory, i.e. constant speed and constant track direction (great circle), minimizes the number of trajectory variables to be considered.
Based upon the geometry of the system (the aircraft and the satellites i.e. the actual one and the virtual one), we analysed the BFOR behaviour as function of speed, track direction, position and time. We also came up with an analytic formula for the Inmarsat compatible straight line trajectories crossing Arc2.
All these numerous trajectories starting at latitude 5.8°N down to 3.35°S at Arc2 are equally probable and the resulting likely latitude at Arc7 is circa [~31°S;~39°S] which have been unsuccessfully searched.

Towards the last seconds of MH370  What scenario could have happend during the crash of MH370?  A breaking in large pieces after a violent right wing first impact during a ditching attempt.

Video Presentation to the Royal Areonautical Society in Brussels on Sept. 18th, 2019.

An operational study of a start to end piloted trajectory...

The planned trajectory
A new search area

Updated 30 Aug 2021